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Meet the Team

Our team consists of people from all around our beautiful planet.
Guided to Peru in the loving arms of Spirit.

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Amy Kuramoto

General Manager

Beginning in June 2021, I entered the most challenging year of my life spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I spent much of the following 12 months in my own darkness, shadows, fears, and confusion. Through sitting alone in it minute after minute, day after day, there were two things that I became abundantly aware of; and that is, (1) the most valuable and greatest relationship I can have in this life is the one with myself and (2) that I had no idea who or what I was. These two realizations fueled a new passion and intention: to realize the Truth of Who I AM. Nothing else mattered at this point.
During the period of this Dark Night of the Soul, as I previously called it, or “ego deconstruction process,” I could not find any person or any place who could assist me in navigating my experience; that is, until I met Julian. He introduced me to zazen meditation practice, which has helped me discern who I am and who I am NOT.
When Julian offered me the opportunity to co-create The Lighthouse Group project, alongside individuals who share the same passion and intention as I, I immediately said yes and began selling off my belongings, collected over the previous 55 years of my life in California. After discovering the limited resources available during my own experience, I feel it’s my time to be of service to those seeking a Higher Truth.
I am living moment to moment, in a flow state, with a daily mantra of “Mission over Mood.” My mission is clear. I am going to continue to deepen my relationship with myself through self love, shadow work, authenticity, and commitment to Self.

With loving devotion and gratitude,

Chiu Ying Ho

Artist and Medium

Chiu began her spiritual journey in 2017 after remembering her twin flame and several lifetime partner, Julian M. Polzin in her first and only psychedelic experience. Lifelong struggle with family issues and certain dysfunctional relationships with other beings in life forced her into a state of inner contemplation in her late twenties. In order to seek for the truth of who she really is, while experiencing a strange sensation of yearning, where she felt like a part of her life was missing, she chose to give up everything that her ego had achieved in Hong Kong over the last two decades.

Despite not knowing the foreign language and culture, and more importantly, the deeper meaning that was planned by her higher self, she decided to start her “new life” in Germany in 2015. However, she carried on using her old programs in a new living environment for two more years because of tremendous amounts of fear until continuous failures in life forced her again to turn inward and to look even deeper.

The timely appearance of Julian in 2017 was a turning point and also a starting point of her own spiritual journey as well as her twin flame awakening together with him. With Julian’s advanced spiritual teachings and Chiu’s direct mystical experiences, she started remembering her higher purposes in this lifetime.

Initially, she started expressing herself through art in the year 2019. Through her own creativity, she has come to understand that everything is fine when she paints, since she realized painting is one of her ways to meditate. Painting gives her joy. In joy she is home. Also because of their intense twin flame dynamic, Chiu has been put under a lot of pressure in order to catch up with Julian’s spiritual pace that would leave her otherwise unable to function in daily life and her marriage.

The twin flame relationship that she shared with Julian has helped her to reach her own personal transformation and soul growth. The constant tension, turmoil and spiritual tests occurring between Chiu and Julian, as both grow and heal through the relationship, also led to a more profound understanding of their intense and powerful soul connection. They realize that they have both agreed to feel great degrees of helplessness in their relationship as a sacrifice for their love for humanity. In order to serve God, they see themselves as an example and pioneers to serve this planet because the collective female and male energy is expressing itself through them. Since the need for balance is more apparent in the new energy, they see their higher purpose of playing an act to assist humanity in healing.

In July 2022, she continues her soul journey to self-realization in Peru after completing her recent painting named “Pedro, My Alpha Cat”, a memorial to her deceased alpha cat Pedro. In the course of painting, Chiu remembered her deep connection with Pedro when he used to be a black amazon jungle jaguar, served as one of the spiritual guardians of Pachamama in his past life. Pedro’s jaguar spirit showed her a vision of living in Peru and giving continuous assistance to her twin, Julian and the El Faro Group (The Lighthouse Group) to build a monastery as to inspire others to begin embodying their divine potentials.

Being held in the hands of Pachamama and guided by her higher self, Chiu comes to an understanding that in this lifetime, she is allowed to express her soul freely. In order to heal her traumas and pains that had been accumulated over lifetimes as artists, she will continue channeling messages from God in form of art.

She would like to assist souls in their return to God by using her paint brushes to bring more colors to this planet. She believes that all colors are one. And together, we shall find our home.


Cheeky Boi

Munay used to be an Egyptian temple cat in his past life, which Julian discovered when he saw him watching incense burn, that showed him a vision of Munay doing the same in an Egyptian Bastet temple.

There he helped people with his presence and healing ability by sitting on their body parts where they had previously experienced physical or mental trauma.

He also has a lifetime as a street cat in Paris, which makes him a highly entertaining combination of various traits. He shows the signs of being a “Naughty Philosopher”. He is often called jokingly “The Savage” because he tries to steal food from the kitchen counter, the sink and even dives into the trash can while at the same time having the beautiful demeanor of a temple cat. He also is of a sensitive nature, though he is the most adventurous of the bunch. We see him contemplating his relationships when he gets sleepy and is trying to understand his interactions with others beings. He deeply loves to his sister Puma. They cuddle often, groom each other and play wrestle.


Lead Singer

„Puma! Puma!“ – Puma loves her name. In fact: When she hears it, she often rolls joyfully on the ground or answers with her high pitch voice and her tail pointing upwards. When she speaks, it sounds very melodic which has led to the nickname “The Singing Kitten”. She is one of the calmest beings we have ever encountered. Innocent, tranquil and joyful. She loves people, other cats and dogs. Her sweet nature allows her to build relationships easily. She loves to cuddle and sleeps on the laps of the people she loves. She has beautiful round eyes which also led us to call her “Buttons”. Since she is fully black, especially at night, often the buttons are the only thing visible about her.
She is the sweetest thing, only her brother Munay might instigate food theft which on occasion she will join in.

If some people “have no chill”, Puma has only chill.


Traffic Jam

Finja migrated from Germany to Peru. She is a senior kitten. But since her appearance and demeanor barely changed over her whole life span, she is called the “Forever Kitten”. Finja is a lovely introvert. She can meditate on plants, water running in the sink and insects for hours without moving while thoroughly enjoying herself. She is a Zen cat through and through. Though she does struggle with social clues from other cats. Often, she creates “cat traffic jams” by blocking a window and making other cats looking at us helplessly for assistance. In her innocence she is baffled why the other cats get upset. She is generally very calm but is ferocious if she feels disrespected. Stemming from a great wisdom of experience, most of the other cats will circumvent her out of respect. She is playful, but does not know how to not use her claws! Wear protection!