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Ascension, enlightenment, how do we navigate and expand during these intense times… 

They Call Us Channelers

Kevin Moore of the International Spiritual News Network.

The Jay Campbell Podcast

Manifesting your highest timeline with Jay Campbell.

Homo Christos Podcast

With Ascension guide, Bastianela Glora.

Hot Topics Live

On Healing the Soul, with Gloria Goldberg and Kia Baker.

Abby Wynne

Discussing the limitations of conventional psychotherapy with healer, teacher and author,  Abby Wynne.

7th Planet Broadcasting

Surfing the multiverse of Zen with author and researcher, the late Gerald Clark.

Shifting Tides Podcast

Mahiema Anand speaks with Julian about his awakening and the role Zen Buddhism plays in his practice.

Richard Harris Podcast

Join Julian and Richard as they speak about the creation of a new society, the play between forces of light and dark and higher resolution strategies to fight this Spiritual War

Note: This video is also posted on Richard’s channel which our inbuilt video player does not support, please follow this link to see his channel:

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