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Going Home

We are committed in this human experience to become examples of being home. One cannot be partially home or one would not be home at all.

The human in his confusion misdirects divine energy into the dream of time and space. He is moving horizontally through the illusion which is Maya.

While the human believes in improving his conditions to achieve relief from evolutionary pressure, we seek to remember our conditionless nature. We aspire to end all striving for achieving completion in an incomplete reality. Therefore, completion is known.

Instead of directing our energy into sexuality, materialism or the desire of having our identities appear real, we choose to direct all of our energy vertically towards God.

This is the path of Yoga.

And yet to realize the home of homes, the heart of hearts or the core of cores, we need not to walk the path of energy alone but to practice discernment in meditation to deconstruct the illusion of identity and to arrive at the void, the essential self, which is ultimate and not caught in a temporary I. This is to arrive at the point before the dream of energy. There we are effortlessly, even before the dream of the primal soul arises.

Time and energy are the dream and we realize to exist outside of it, should we yearn to abandon our forgetfulness, which is the dream of being human.

The human wants to realize freedom through the human. It is as if the prison tries to realize “outside” by trying to create freedom in its confining nature.

Instead, we step out of the prison to know ourselves. Here all is fulfilled, desireless tranquility emerges and the knowledge of God becomes the ceasing of all separate activity.

From there, once home is met without any perceived distance remaining, we begin via energy to radiate the heavens into the world of man.

When the void and energy achieve union, we have realized home in all realms and remain in service.

This is the story of all beings in the universe that are longing for their natural state. In our love for the creator, we seek to inspire those parts of the creator who are still dreaming of separateness, we vow to be the Lighthouse that guides the ships on the ocean of dreams to enter the harbor of all permeating reality.

For those who seek us, who are willing to step out of the “stories of I”, we will provide a stream of truth that, once there is a willingness to shed unreality, may carry the soul into the realization of a place even beyond itself and the structure of time.

We are Nirvana.
The reality without cause, where no action needs to be taken to exist.
We are the Law of One.

In our dreams we have been travelling through the times of Atlantis, Egypt, Tibet, ancient Greece, India and east Asia and are now bringing the Law of One to Peru. In truth the Lighthouse is beyond all history and is to shine in all cycles of nature, reminding you of who you are.