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Hold Harmless

El Faro Group S.A.C. (Hereafter, The Lighthouse) is not a medical institution.  No medical treatments, prescriptions or advice of any kind are given or implied by The Lighthouse or any of its staff. You should always consult your doctor and caregivers about medical and mental health issues.  You should consider your medical and mental health status before using any of the services offered by The Lighthouse and consult with your doctor or caregivers if you have any questions or concerns. Do not use these services if you feel they in any way can negatively impact your physical or mental health. If any member of The Lighthouse share what they have done for an illnesses experienced, it is in no way implied or recommended you should do the same, and should not be considered a medical or mental health treatment in any way. The experiences of any of The Lighthouse staff is not medical advice.  Always consult your doctor or caregivers for medical and mental health issues.