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Someone asked: “Why do pedophiles rule the current 3D world?”
Because they are a reflection of the majority consciousness that has not claimed sovereignity. Many beings have delegated their divine co-creation ability out of fear to the dark elite. They dark elite is an example of what happens when conscious co-creation is rejected. Because that void will be filled with dark energy.

Dark entities exist to offer us freedom of choice. We could label them as the choice called “Other than God” or “Other than the law”. Free will is an ego illusion that comes from separateness. Once we attain fusion with the will of God through mediation, the higher will begins to permeate the mind and replaces the little/separate mind.

Dark forces indirectly assist us in cultivating virtue that is based on divine law. By being tempted or opposed, we can develop resolve and faith. They offer us a spiritual evolutionary pressure. Many beings would not evolve without antagonism. When we are opposed, the value of spiritual discpline becomes clear.
Many souls would be too immersed and comfortable to evolve if they would not be challenged by some force that leads to the rememberance of divine law. Because, what is the alternative to darkness? When you experience darkness, you can equally become conscious of light forces and the other way around.
Reality is a mirror of our consciousness, if we are being ruled by perceived outside forces, then this is so because we have denied our own creative powers and denied our divine origin. This led to a lowering of vibration which then makes us a match to a dark forces timeline/dimension.
The way out is to seek complete responsibility for one’s life experience. And gradually the dark forces, who will mirror our unintegrated/unforgiven current and past life trauma (The Jungian Shadow) until we have reached a state of forgiveness through shadow work, will begin to cease and we stop being a match to their reality frequency key. If you have grudges towards darkness and forgiveness is not developed, then there is Shadow Work to be done.
What we judge, we become or we already are. Pedophilia as a collective trauma is very common in past-life memories of many people.
Often it is a sign of karmic feedback where one figures out through mystical practice than one has been a predator as well in other lifetimes.
They way out is to stop believing in the victim/victimizer dynamic but to find out that predators often incorperate the energies of their abusers and act them out. Because they have not done their Shadow/forgiveness work either.

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